Annoyed By Stuart Pearce Talk

Tonight I am really annoyed about the Stuart Pearce talk after the England game.

The England managers position is like the holy grail. Any manager who dares do the job gets slated and any manger who succeeds in the role will get stabbed in the back by the FA.

Again anyway,

I am English and with that I love the England football team. It is very common knowledge that after two foreign managers I (All Of England) want a Englishman in charge. I dont think it is a outrageous request. I mean there are at least 10 British managers who I would put in a shortlist for it. But at present Stuart Pearce is the Caretaker England Manager. And I am happy as I think he will do a brilliant job. He just seems to be getting loads of flack at present.

So how does this relate to SEO?

Well Stuart Pearce is a lot like an normal SEO Campaign….

Before I start here is your key,

England = Website

Fabio Capello = Old SEO Company

Stuart Pearce = New SEO Company

Fans = Owners

England are doing well in the pre stages of a vital period of the year. Everything is ticking over however all of a sudden Fabio Capello makes a balls up and the only solution for England and the fans is to part company.

So England are looking for a new manager and they look to Stuart Pearce. Stuart Pearce has massive boots to fill, even though his CV’s says that he has done this sort of job successfully before. Thus getting the chance to move England forward.

Stuart Pearce knows that the old ways of Fabio Capello cannot go on. He has to bring in new ideas that will not only move this Version of England forward but will allow the future versions to be one step ahead of the competition.

Stuart Pearce’s proven ideas are not liked by the fans as this appears to put England on the back foot. They stumble against one of the best in the industry and lose a little ground. They however fight to the death but it is not good enough in the fans eyes.

Through this transitional stage they have not really lost any ground. They are in a position that means they could move 2 steps ahead of the competition.

The problem that Stuart Pearce is encounters from the outset is that he is always on the back foot. If it was Capello we would just note it down to a unfortunate night as his record with England is outstanding. However the problem is that Stuart Pearce’s first game will always be where he will be judged the most.

If you dont understand that…

Basically it is never going to be smooth sailing moving between SEO companies. It is always recommended to be cautious when looking into the results that you see in the first part of the campaign. Always wait for 3-6 Months to see how the campaign is going before you start complaining about results.

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