Beware h tag overload

The recent big Google update, ‘Panda’ or ‘Farmer’ update in my eyes been a positive move from google to try and reduce the amount of rubbish on the internet.

To be honest I am surprise my blog is still even in google at all.

But anyway, as I was saying this update is aimed at getting ride of bad content sites. Basically one of the aims is to push relevant sites with good rich unique content higher up the SERP’s.

Well there has been a few people who have noticed that too many of 1 header tag can be a bad thing. This overuse of a header tag can not drop your site straight away but slowly lower your high rankings.


Top tip of the day is spread your h tags better. For example,

H1 tag = 1 keyword
H2 tag = 2/3 keywords
H3 tags = 4 keywords

If you try where possible to achieve the above, google will see you in a more positive light. You have shown there are some of your products or services that are more influential than others.

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