Google SERP’s Change

There has been quite a big change in how the SERPs are shown this week.

It was not me that noticed the change however it was @seorocks. He pointed it out to me yesterday and I thought it was good enough for a blog post.

So here is the new SERPs page,

So what has changed?

Page Previews

As you can see the new listings design does not look that different however it points out the preview section in a more defined way. Before the preview icon was next to the page title where as now it is at the right hand side of the listing. It looks a lot more like the Tablet  version of Google SERP’s.

I personally think this is much better as it is more easily seen. Before the preview button seemed to be more of an after thought than designed well.

New Listing Design

I personally blogged and disapproved of the SERPs change a few weeks a go that saw the site links become bigger and more prominent. Well now I must say that Google has got me back on side by designing a new and better listing;

As you can see above I have taken one of the listings and focused on the main changes. To be honest nothing much has really changed apart from a few little tweaks in the styling to make the list more presentable. I have seen a listing with quite a bit of content and long title tag and the listing is more squared off. To be honest it looks much better even though hardly anything has been changed.


I think that this change in design is much better than previous designs. It identifies clear feature of the SERPs listing such as the preview feature. Google have taken the next step from a new feature being seen in the SERPs to the feature fitting into the SERPs.

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