How I See Links

Everyone that you meet in the industry will tell you their thoughts of links profiles. It will be a complex description that will try and overwhelm the best. I on the other hand like to break stuff down into images or diagrams. Basically it means I am one off those simpletons. It makes it easier on me to know how to complete the task at hand.

When I started in the industry i was brought up on links being presented as graphs. See below,


This was a way off life for me as I did not really get involved in the links side of things. I was a on-page-rules sort of guys. This is why the diagram above summed up links for me. You had 50% low quality links, 35% of ok quality and about 15% of high quality. That was it for me, make the order and it would be done. It was all quantity rather than quality links that were sourced. But times have changed and so have I.

The Change

Reading Eric Ward and guidance from James Welch opened my eyes to links in a way that I would never expect. I now look at a link for its potential rather than what it can do to a websites SERPs position. From what position could be achieved from this link, to what potential can this link bring to the website I am pushing. It does not sound much but it is huge.

So rather than look at a quantity of links, I look at placement and connection of links. how can I intertwine these in to a winning formula,

So this is how i see links, in a rectangular box with a number of different size circle within. The size of the circle depends on the potential it has to push my website. As you can see I have collected a number of different links from small to large which is not too dissimilar to the quantity theory, however this time each link works with the others to create a bond that will stand the test of time.

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