I know nothing….

I was starting, yes starting to think that I had a good knowledge of SEO. Heck I was even adapting to the ever changing world of search, which I thought was pretty good.

In the world of search we need to adapt and change. Sometimes it’s adapting to follow the guidlines and sometimes you need to approach it from a different view point to achieve The same results. Either way putting a smile on the clients face.

Anyway I was going to admit that yeah I was for want of a better world…..settled. I knew that a question would be asked and I had the confidence and knowledge to give a answer that would resolve the issue.

A fews weeks ago I was introduced to James Welch. A urban legend I had heard about at Just Search where he had worked. I had heard that his views on search were from well outside the box.

After the first meeting that I had a small insight into the way that James sees search and I immediately realised that I knew nothing about search.

I know that this is a bold statement but over the course of 2 hours, I learnt more about Search than over the last three years of my SEO career. It made me realise that even though I thought I was thinking outside the box I was mearly just getting close to the inner edge, might even dip one foot outside, now and again but that is it.

Since then I have kept picking at James’ brain. Getting my fix on a bigger and better insight into how I should be approaching search.

The really funny thing is that a lot of the new knowledge that I am learning I already know, but I have not been aware that I have been doing.

The weirdest thing about it is that the new improved skill set i am learning has already forced me to get outside the box and never go back.

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2 Responses to “I know nothing….”

  1. The guy taught me the basics of SEO, and with his outside the box thinking I would probably be a footballer or a model rather than a geek!

  2. With this attitude, you can never stop yourself from learning. Think how cool that is.

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