Related Searches Feature is Back

Right just a quick post.

Google have been trailing the related search tags that include,


I also know that these trails started last year near the end of October start of November.

As you can see with the image below the first example that I have seen is floor tiles.

First thing I thought was a question, maybe the biggest and simplest answered question.

What is a Brand in Googles eyes?

So, what makes a Brand a Brand?! Is it,

A manual process – I very much doubt that.
A Search Volume – I think this will play a big part in helping google identify a brand.
A Social Aspect – Again yes I think this will have a big effect. The more people talk about a brand the more influence it has.
A presence of offline marketing – I don’t believe so.

These answers sums up how google identifies a brand.

The other relevant tags such as stores and types are very simplistic pieces of codes that identify a store or what colours a product comes in.

Overall I think that this feature is a really good feature and its continued development will be  a good thing for the user experience.

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