Why Facebook Bought Instagram – The Drug Theory

First of all, Disclaimer. This is only a bit of fun. There is no truth behind the below so please dont think that this is in any way fact.

Dont you find it funny that Facebook have spent a lot of money buying a company that does something that is, A, not unique in the service it provides. 2, has only been about a very short amount of time (13 Months) and finally C, is free?????

Well I have a theory (Darm..Darm…..Darm)

If you are not aware already Facebook has acquired Instagram. They are a small outfit comprising of only 13 employees. The service that they offer is a free app that allows you to share photos. So how much is Facebook spending on this acquisition I hear you ask. Well its the small figure of $1 billion.

Hang on there must be a catch, what are we missing??


Facebook at present have two issues,

1. Mobile Revenue – Did you know that you probably make more money through affiliates than Facebook makes on mobile revenue. I mean the one place where Facebook come into their own and they dont even use it to their advantage.

2. IPO – Facebook want to go public in a aim to turn a $80 billion company to a $1 trillion company. The only way they can do that is to expand and grow. Thus the purchase of Instagram.

The problem for me is that Facebook have bought a company that is probably worth a thousandths of the price that has been spent.

Why Instagram?? Why them?? Why not someone else?? Or the biggest question of all why spend $1 Billion on something that you can create on your own for a fraction of the cost??


Instagram Hidden Business

Instagram are soon to be a lot richer after the take over from Facebook. As I have mentioned previously this is a lot of money to pay. So Why?

Instagram has a hidden business. Apparently from the out set the company has been providing Drugs to the masses. They are able to deliver a gram of substance within a 4 hour period to anyone who uses there free app. Apparently it is a multi-billion pound business. If you dont believe me the proofs in the name. Insta-gram. World Best kept secret. Its right up there with Kaiser Sosa.

I mean think about it how do 13 people who want provide a free service that is not unique turn it into a $1 Billion company in less than 13 months. Not even the best sales guys in the world would be able to sell this company for that much.

Zuckerberg’s Goal

As Facebook now approaches the 800 Million Active Users mark Zuckerberg knows that he needs something that will keep people hooked to Facebook. So why not buy Instagram. This means that Facebook is able to not only hide away an illegal drug trade, run a successful a photo sharing website and also get users hooked on Facebook like never before. 800 Million hooked users would definitely guarantee that he could turn his empire into a $100 billion company.

Remember all, Disclaimer. This is only a bit of fun. There is no truth behind the above so please dont think that this is in any way fact.

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